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Autumn Leaves 18in x 12in mixed $250..JPG
Autumn Leaves.JPG
Autumn Trees II 36in x 36in Mixed $850..JPG
Autumn trees II.JPG
Bon Voyage 12in x12in Mixed $175..JPG
Broken Dreams 30in x30in Mixed $480..JPG
Broken Dreams.JPG
Circles-Power Grid 24in x 36in Mixed $795..jpg
Fantasy I 16in x 20in Textile $240..JPG
Genesis I 36 x 36 Mixed $1000..jpg
Genesis I.jpg
Healing Light 36in x36in Mixed 1600..JPG
Hidden Memories 30in x 30in Mixed $485..JPG
Hidden Memories.JPG
Illusion 48in x 36in Mixed $885..jpg
Make A Wish 36inx 36in Mixed $800..JPG
My Bismarck Heart...Whole Again 36in x 36in Mixed $960..JPG
My Bismarck Heart...Whole Again.JPG
Neolithic Pulse 48in x 36in Acrylic $895..jpg
New Bio and Artist statement 2013.docx
Night Dream 30in x30in Mixed $700..JPG
Occluded Love 2 16in x 20in Textile $225..JPG
Occluded Love 2.JPG
Painted Desert 24in x36in Mixed $900..JPG
Painted Desert.JPG
Pansy Party 16in x 20in Textile $195..JPG
Summer Light 30inx 24in Mixed $500..jpg
Summer Storm 16in x20in Weaving $260..JPG
Summer Storm.JPG
Through the Looking Glass 16in x 20in Weaving $285..JPG
Through the Looking Glass.JPG
Tree of Life II 16in x 20in Weaving $285..JPG
Tree of Life II.JPG
Trust 24in x24in Mixed $450..jpg
Vernal Equinox 24in x 24in Mixed $550..JPG
Vernal Equinox.JPG
White Rabbit Memories 11in x 14in Textile $195..JPG
White Rabbit Memories.JPG
Wild Fires 18in x 12in Mixed $225..JPG
Wild Fires.JPG
Winter Solstice 24in x24in Mixed $550..jpg
Wonderland 16in x 20in Textile $235..JPG